Wichita Falls

Welcome to the Falls

The place I live, and the place that’s my current home when I’m not traveling. This is where I work and play and make memories using a camera. Check out some of the areas I frequent and places you can visit on your next trip to the Falls.

River Bend Nature Center

Orange Julia Butterfly

See the official nature center for Wichita Falls and experience a leisurely day of watching prairie dogs, seeing native plants, and learning about nature in our own backyard. Great place for young kids that need some hands-on activities.

Video Game Mansion

Cereal Bar and Arcade

It may not be as big as a mansion, but it houses plenty of video games that make it feel like a mansion. From old school to new school, it’ll have a variety of video games for anyone to play. Inside is a toy museum, a large cereal bar, as well as board games to play that make this place unique.

The Falls

Waterfall in Wichita Falls

Every visitor to the city of Wichita Falls needs to visit this place at least once. The Falls is a part of Lucy Park and the icon of the city it’s named for. Not only will you take some great photos, but it’s the best place for some iconic selfies and an easy way to access a waterfall.

Akin Auditorium

Piano in Akin

Want to take in a concert at one of the oldest auditoriums in the city? Akin Auditorium is the place to go. This small concert venue brings in talent from all over the world, as well as being the place where students studying music at the local university perform.