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YouTube Video: Study Abroad Trip to London
Over the summer of 2019, I accompanied students and faculty to London to document their study abroad trip. This is one of the promotional videos we used to help recruit students for the 2020 study abroad program.

Facebook Post: Faculty Online
We put out a call to faculty to send us photos of their new online classroom set up. The ones I have posted are some of the best ones we received. Students shared this with their peers, and some professors who didn’t initially send us photos did put their own in the comments.

Twitter Post: Goose Picture
We were tasked from our university president to not use the word Easter in any of our wording. As a state university, we do our best to represent everyone. In this case, I lucked out when I was at our Sikes Lake and saw that the baby goslings just recently hatched. I photographed them from a distance, as many of our students can tell you that these geese are mean. We came up with a witty caption, and it performed really well.

Instagram Post: Snow Day
To demonstrate more of my photography ability. It was around this time we really started trying to push the 4:5 ratio. While we usually go with what fits the photo. We have seen an uptick in engagement every time we go to 4:5 for the newsfeed photo. Since we don’t receive very many snow days in Wichita Falls, Texas. I decided to use our students’ content as well, and we posted a lot of it and saved it to a highlight for future students to know that yes, it does snow.
Instagram Highlight: Snow Day Highlights (please have Instagram open)


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