Worldwide Photo Walk in San Angelo!

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk - AJL3 Photography

Tonight was the sixth annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk for photographers everywhere. I was part of the San Angelo group that had about 35 photographers. A lot of fun as usual. It had just rained so there were a lot of good reflections and the river was also running.

I got to see a lot of fellow photographers that I have not seen for a while. Mostly because I haven’t been able to attend our photography meetings due to working and traveling around Texas. It was a joy to see everyone on the first real cold day for a Texas Autumn. First time I had to put some cold weather clothing on.

The photo above is of a truck that has been transformed into mosaic art. The skeletons in the window represent the Muertos theme found around the area and prominent in Mexico. I was very pleased the way this photo came out. I dodged and burned the front part a good amount in Photoshop until I got the lighting I liked. In the initial phase, I left this on for a 10-second exposure and used a Nikon SB-800 Flash on the passenger’s side and then ran to the left and fired it again at the bed of the truck. This helped with the end results, since I had available light rather than just a dark silhouette.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk - AJL3 Photography

Continuing the walk along the Concho River, we could see the lights under the bridge. It’s a new thing that San Angelo has done, and it looks spectacular at night. They recreated this area and connected the two part of the river so it’s one giant trail. They added a lot of pieces including new walking paths, washer pits and giant Chess boards. We took this at a low point on the bridge that separates the river. In the distance you can see Celebration Bridge, where we started off the photo walk.

The water was moving because of the recent rains. It gave the river a nice effect with more of a misting effect that is normally not there when the river is still because of the drought we are currently in. I also adjusted my kelvin settings at around 3750, to give me a nicer blue, but still bring out some nice ambient light to give it that good contrast. On the left I decided to leave the bright lights in to give it a more complete look of what San Angelo has done. I burned it a little in Photoshop, to give it a little richer look.

I’ve been wanting to shoot this spot since they installed the lights in July, but they are rarely on, so tonight was a perfect opportunity to see them all lit up.

The last shot is on the bottom, of a string of lights, that are found inside the actual park. They light up the area real well, and this is before it started to really get dark. I have a new tripod that is sturdier, so it helps with vertical shots. This is a really nice place, and I’ll be back again, to get some more interesting shots. Good job San Angelo, you did great!

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk - AJL3 Photography

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