Golfing in San Angelo…

Golf Tournament San Angelo

Last Friday we had our annual Angelo State Alumni Golf Tournament at the San Angelo Country Club. While the weather was great, it eventually rained. Here are some of the pictures from the tournament before the rain hit us. And to my normal subscribers, I have had a slew of photo projects and have been unable to post regularly. I will be getting right back on it, as soon as my head stops spinning.

Golf Tournament San AngeloThe photo on the left is my new favorite photo from this collection. We don’t have clouds in San Angelo very often, so when we do, it is a blessing. The clouds give this picture more drama than if they sky was a full blue. Plus, I was able to catch the guy sending out the last of the golf balls before he flew out the area. This was part of a Ball Drop, where the people purchase a golf ball and it is placed in basket. The basket is then dropped over a tee and the closest golf ball or the one that goes in the tee, wins a cash amount.

This was the first year we did this, and it went well. Plus, I was able to take pictures up close of a helicopter, which I rarely have the chance too. There were two full baskets of golf balls, so we managed to sell a lot of them. It gave me two chances to line up the photograph the way I wanted too.

Golf Tournament San Angelo

The above photograph is what I call my PGA shot. Of course, this was a putting contest and no where near the level of the PGA tournaments. I shot this low to the ground. Looking back, I think I should have gone lower to the ground in order to try a different angle. I am pleased with this shot and they were moving a lot, so I didn’t have much time to compose it. I like the way it turned out though.

And for the final photograph, I did a large scale view of the place. I wanted to put as much scenery in and show how big the San Angelo Country Club course was. So that is it for this blog post. It is short, sweet and you were able to see some golf pictures. Come back for more blog posts soon. At least in two weeks at the latest.

Golf Tournament San Angelo

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