Photography by the Bay…

Rianna - AJL3 PhotographyOver the weekend I was given the opportunity to photograph the lovely Rianna Kristine of Corpus Christi, Texas. I was traveling in the area to visit family and set up a couple of photo shoots. Unfortunately, the other photo shoot was a cosplay, but my friend had an unfortunate illness in his family. We are rescheduling for the winter, because both of us really want to make this photo shoot happen.

But, on to Rianna. She was a brilliant model and knew how to pose herself. She has a keen sense of fashion and a good sense of humor. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope the photos do her justice to how pretty she is in real life. She knows her modeling angles and understands how to be in front of a camera. These are some of her photos.

I will say that Corpus Christi, Texas has a number of great locations to shoot at. We decided to settle in at the Bayfront near the Water Garden and museums. We did some shooting at the Water Garden before the sun became to harsh. Normally I don’t shoot during the day, it’s not my style, but since I had other obligations during the nights I was in town, I had to settle for the light.

The Water Garden is one of the original attractions, Corpus Christi has and it is basically a circular garden with steps scaling down creating a waterfall. I had to yell a good amount to make sure she heard directions over the rushing water. My lovely assistant and fiance, Teresa Miles also helped me out in communicating to her avast the water thundering over the steps.

After the Water Gardens, we moved to the Historic Village. And no, we did not see any ghosts. We did look and some of the houses did look creepy enough to have some around. These houses are over hundreds of years old and they have survived multiple hurricanes. We did two different outfit changes here including a skirt combo and jean short combo. The old style housing gave us a lot of material to use for a photo shoot. We really didn’t have to go to another place, because there was plenty of stuff to keep the creativity juices flowing.

I will say the harsh sun started to pound on us as the photo shoot went on, and we tried to incorporate more shade. Plus, I was using a strobe with a silver umbrella to take out the shadows. It was sure hot on the umbrella. I accidentally touched it while I was backing up and it seared my skin. Didn’t know if was catching that much light on it from the sun. Also, I had Teresa hold a diffusing reflector near her face to keep the sun out of her face, but still have a natural feel. A diffuser is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment a photographer has.

All in all, it was a great shoot, and I enjoyed working with Rianna. I will be shooting again this week, so look for more pictures soon. Of course, this is busy time of the year for me, so you will be seeing more work-related photography from now on. But, I will be squeezing some personal projects when I have the time. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Rianna - AJL3 Photography Rianna - AJL3 Photography

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