Back to School photo shoot…

 Design Photo Shoot AJL3

To all those five people following my blog, I do apologize for not posting for the last two weeks. I’ve been between shoots and doing both editing and planning for future ones. This photo shoot is one of my favorites. Mostly because the time it took us to create the set. I normally do more location scouting, but this time, it made more sense to try and create a set. I enlisted my fiance, Teresa Miles who is an artist to help me create the chalkboard masterpiece. Of course for her help in creating this giant set, I made her a store for her web site so she can sell her ceramics. I know this is a shameless plugin for her work, but I love her.

I also enlisted my friend Travis, to find me some models to sport these Angelo State University shirts and other apparel. He did a great job in finding me some good talent and these images are turning out awesome.

ASU Blue Stripped Top

Earlier last month, I approached my boss with an idea to do this chalkboard back to school theme for our store campaign to be unleashed at the beginning of the school year at the end of August. I wrote up a budget and we were shortly approved. I then learned some stuff about Home Depot and was able to manage to find the parts I needed for my catalog shoot.

Oh, and chalkboard paint really does work well. Always make sure to put a primer on first because it just makes things easier. On the set, we put together two pieces of ply wood with chalkboard paint coated on them. Since they were to be put together, it wasn’t a big deal about having a line come through the middle. On some pictures I have eliminated the line using Photoshop, but as you can see below I left it in, and it wasn’t as distracting as I thought it would be.

During the photo shoot we had different looks used. Some with jackets, others with tank tops, but mostly shirts. This one was for work, and we had a lot of new Angelo State apparel, so the background flowed really well. Our talent also worked well, giving us some goofy shots that made this shoot go by fast.

Angelo State University Outfitter Photo Shoot

Angelo State University OutfitterIt was a lot of fun, and using a two-light setup I was able to manage bold colors. When doing chalkboard photo shoots, you want the background to blend in well with bold colors since you want more of the black background to show rather than the white chalk dust. I also decided to use a ladder in this shoot. It gave me a nice angle that highlighted the face and shirts real well that gave me those bold colors I wanted. I only went one or two steps high, giving me the appearance of being six feet. It was nice to take a different angle to this shoot. Plus, I got a good exercise having to go back and forth between the floor and climbing the ladder.

I need to create more sets for my future photo shoots because these came out great. I cannot wait to finish the rest of this set and show them off come the end of August for everyone going back to school! Go ASU Rams!


My next post won’t be up until next Sunday or Monday depending on when I return from my vacation in Corpus Christi, Texas. It will be short, but I’m sure to have a lot of pictures from the six-hour trip. Plus, I’ll be doing a photo shoot while I’m down there, giving me a good topic to post about next week.

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