Geek The Library in San Angelo!

Geek_the_Library_San_Angelo_Photography_AJL3Today we took our talents to the Tom Green County Library in Downtown, San Angelo, Texas. We participated in the national-wide campaign, “Geek The Library!”

It was well attended and we had some excellent people from the community come in and have their picture taken with what they geeked.

The purpose of the campaign is to spread library awareness and the impact a library has on a community. Myself and my photography partner for the day, Jason Archer, would photograph the different people that were scheduled throughout the day with props that defined their interests.

We had a range of props from Steampunk to swords. We had blueprints to books. Dogs even participated in the photo shoots and someone even brought a bike in, to use as a prop.

The day was filled with a lot of fun, but we managed to shoot some great photographs of the different community members that came in to have their interests photographed.

Part of the “Geek The Library” program is to spread the word about the library. In San Angelo, they have a shiny new library that rivals many I’ve seen throughout Texas. The architecture is like no other, and it is placed in the heart of downtown San Angelo. Plus, the wi-fi worked perfect, which is always a great plus for me.

This is turning out to be a fun campaign and we cannot wait to finish retouching the pictures for usage in advertisements. I’m glad I got involved with this, it’s always nice to see your work appreciated by others.

Late last June, the club I’m apart of “Concho Valley Photo Club” received an email needing help with this project. I was one of the ones with the equipment and familiar with campaigns, so I volunteered. Just something to give back to the community after they have given so much back to me.

I set up an appointment with the library and then we hashed out the details. Today was the day to put all that effort into work. And I believe we succeeded. At this point I’m about a third of the way done with pictures and should have them all caught up by the end of the week.

Part of the campaign is to shoot your subjects against a black backdrop and also have them wearing either a black shirt or some dark clothing. This allows the faces to stand out and the props to really shine. Later, text will be added when the print the campaign flyers and other advertisements.

The best part about the photo shoot, was the people we were able to meet. The library coordinator was able to round up a good variety of community members including the Mayor, university professors and a small band of policemen and policewomen.

They certainly brought their different interest and what they geeked to the photographs.

I urge all photographers to check out this campaign with your local libraries. It does take some time out of your day and is a volunteer project, but I had a lot of fun being able to shoot such a variety of people and personalities I would do it again. It is really a fun experience and you do meet some fun people in your community. Get your geek on!

To learn more about the Geek The Library program, click this link Geek The Library!



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