Houston Visit for the weekend!

houston skyline fb960

It has been a long time since I’ve posted. It’s hard to keep up with all the social medias out there. So after a long absence this is my first post and many that will be coming your way. Hopefully I’ll be able to post weekly from now on.

chello guy big with burn fb960Went to Houston for the weekend with my fiance for her first gallery opening. Had a lot of fun and went downtown searching for nice places to take pictures of. I’m a night photographer so the timing was perfect to have that dark blue sky before it turns black. On a corner street we stopped and took a quick image of the Houston Skyline. It was nice to see some buildings that were taller than ten stories like we have in San Angelo. It’s always a wonder to see how these buildings are here. It’s such a large man-made structure.

Next, we wandered around more of downtown and found this giant 36-foot tall cellist called “Virtuoso” by sculptor David Adickes. Apparently he has a few more sculptures around Houston that are also larger than life. The other great thing about this sculpture is that behind him are three other smaller musician sculptures making it a quartet. Music is also playing making this sculpture very life like.

Houston had a lot of different art to offer. The place has changed since I was there when I was younger. I will have to make a trip again to see all the other stuff I know I missed. Houston, you are doing well with your art scene.

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