Art scene in Kerrville, Texas!

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

This is a past blog that I am just now writing. I am updating past events that I took pictures at throughout the year. This one, was a fun one, but also one of the worst ones. My fiance, Teresa, and her two friends and I traveled to Kerrville, Texas for the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair. We learned a lot of lessons from our first art fair.

Not to rant much, but this fair was very unorganized from the beginning and the weather called for flash-flooding all weekend. This fair is very big in the area, but I feel the organizers only rely on the prestige and name of the fair as their only promotion of it. The communications between artists was just as bad, and if it wasn’t for all the leg work we did before hand, we may have drove to Kerrville for nothing. The fair is still a good one, but those in charge really need to evaluate their staff and advertising. Needless to say, this fair gave us a lot of lessons, mostly on how not to run a fair and what too look for next time we sign up for one.

But, on to the pictures! The photograph above me is of Teresa creating a print after cutting through linoleum and using a special ink pressed on to the shirt. It is a neat process and the ink works great on the shirt once it dries, and the shirt can be washed and used over and over again. This was our demo booth for the weekend. We were selling shirts as we demonstrated how the process worked. We had multiple prints cut out of linoleum, ready to be pressed. For more information about this process, and to gain a different perspective on the fair, visit my fiance’s page by clicking here.

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

The photo above is a larger view of the area and how we used the space for demonstrations. Teresa is using a giraffe print and brushing ink on to the linoleum print before she presses it onto a shirt. The fun thing about this photo is that I used a triggered strobe and just aimed it to the top of the tent. The tent was all white on the walls and roof area, so the light spread evenly pretty easy. When everything is white, might as well aim for the sky.

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

This is a photo of a “Mimzy,” another one of Teresa’s creations. As you can see, it is made out of ceramics and is in three pieces, but made to look like one piece. This was part of our other booth, where we sold other items such as ceramics, prints and paintings. This booth was known as a student booth and part of the student tent. The fair invites students across multiple Texas universities every year to participate.

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

And the above picture is of everyone in the student booth. From left to right is Reanna Lee, Teresa Miles and Nicole Kutzer surrounded by their art. They represented Midwestern State University.

All in all, the fair was fun. We learned a ton, and are looking forward to another one, just not in Kerrville. I myself will be entering my photography prints in a fair soon, with Teresa’s ceramics. It will be an interesting booth combined with different passions and lots of creativity.

Below check out some of the works by Reanna and her prize-winning horse sculpture and works by Nicole and her unicycle painting which she easily sold.

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

Art in Kerrville - AJL3 Photography

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